Stainless steel

This is the area on wich we imagine our frame to be mounted:

It needs to be wide enough to hold two solar panels of a decent size.


More projects

It seems like summer is almost slipping away here in Sweden, the temperature has dropped and it´s more windy and rainy. But we are hoping for nice weather this weekend so we can go out for a couple of days sailing.

In the meantime we are working on getting some of our projects done:

We have removed the entire ceiling and bought new boards to replace the old ones, and we are installing new LED-lightning in the saloon.

A new electrical toilet has been ordered and will hopefully arrive within this or the next week.

One of the lanterns have been replaced to LED and the other ones are next.

We are looking for a company that can help us build a frame from stainless steel, one that fits on the rear end of the boat and that we can mount solar panels onto.

We are trying to find the best watermaker there is, that will fit our needs…

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